"Faith & Fire was my favorite vendor of our entire wedding. They supported us, listened to us, adapted our photos to match our personality, and made our wedding day/bridals/engagement shoot more fun...We also wanted a true artist—someone who would take pictures that went above and beyond the normal staged poses...Thank you, thank you, thank you. You made our wedding day better, and we love ya."
-My beautiful bride, Madison.

your love story isn't generic, your photos and films shouldn't be either

i believe 

We teeter somewhere between light and moody. Direction-based in our posing and prompts, and timeless in our editing.

a peak into our art

edgy, artistic, romantic, fun

If you're looking for a photographer or videographer that will stay at arm's length and only message you to remind you of your session coming up...or to take photos on your day and be on their merry way....

This is important

xoxo, Victoria

then, we simply are not a good fit.

I want to help you plan, hype you up when you find your dress and send me pics, go on friend dates, pray for you, dance with you on your wedding day, and laugh and cry happy tears with you along the way. Your memories are that much more important to me because I value relationships--ours, yours, your loved ones'. You will have become so much more than my client. You will be so loved by me and Jared. At the end of your wedding night, you'll know it won't be the last time we see each other. 

we're gonna have so much fun

In a few short months or years, someone will ask you what your favorite film is, and you'll pull out your video album and show them the film that tells your story. 

Crafting your new favorite movie


Bijan and I are so, so, so grateful to you and your whole team for truly being the photographers of our dreams!!! You helped make our wedding so special, captured our beautiful moments, and our entire families loved you so much!!! AND you danced with us & celebrated with us which made my heart so happy. Everyone has been non stop raving about how simply awesome you were. And on top of that, you gifted something that we will cherish forever. How can I even put into words how appreciative and thankful we are.
-My beautiful bride, Mina

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