Hey, I'm Jared! The co-founder of Faith and Fire. Before I went full time with my wife, Victoria, I was a theatre teacher during the week (Go Buffs!) and a wedding filmmaker on the weekends. When I'm not filming or photographing, I'm exploring with Victoria and our sons, Isaiah and Ezra, playing video games, or grilling burgers on the back patio. I bought our first camera in 2018 to capture our time in Europe. I would never have thought we'd be where we are now, but I'm so grateful and blessed.

Teller of dad jokes, musical whiz, equally a travel bug


Hi, I'm Victoria! I dove headfirst into photography in January 2019 when I first created Faith and Fire. This dream of mine all started with a prayer. I had no experience, knew nothing about owning a business, but I knew that if this was what I was meant to do, the pieces would all fall into place. And, of course, they did. Find me traveling with fam, listening to music, or having coffee/happy hour dates with my brides.

Romantic, dancing queen, goofball, bird watcher, lover of Jesus, boy mom, travel bug


The faces behind faith & Fire

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We scouted, handpicked, and tediously trained the most talented and amazing team in the industry: Peyton, Brooke, Nolan, and Robyn.
Some are talented in shooting (Hey Brooke and Nolan!) and some in editing...some are social media gurus, but each of them lend their talents to our passion and vision: to serve you selflessly and intentionally.

four of the most talented, fun people you'd ever meet

about our team

We're going to advocate for your future self. Your photos and films are the most important tangible things in this life because they house your memories. They hold pieces of your story, the people you love, and the details you'd otherwise forget. 

When Victoria's best friend passed away 3 months after her wedding day, photos and videos were all she had left. She poured over them tirelessly. And she would pay anything to have even one more of her Melodie. 

Pictures and videos are for your future self to remember, for your grandchildren, and for the day that photos and videos are all you have left. 

Make sure you had someone capture what matters most.

Why photos & Films should matter to you too.

We're storytellers...

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