"VICTORIA!! YOU DID AMAZING!😍 I can’t even believe that’s me! I’m speechless. Like how?! Ugh thank you so much 🥹❤️I can’t thank you enough for these Victoria. I’m literally in tears." -Aleena

you're gonna feel absolutely Amazing

Boudoir is my favorite. Yes, my favoooorite type of session. So many of us women take selfies or see pictures of us someone else took and think, I don't like the way I look. I wish I was were prettier, or thinner, or thicker, or whatever. In a boudoir session, you face those insecurities and tell them, you are not welcome here. You take ownership of your body, and you celebrate it. I know how to pose, how to make sure you are comfortable and feel so very beautiful that by the end of the session, you'll be planning your next boudoir session as soon as you get to your car.

I love when women or couples decide to celebrate themselves. Whether it be for themselves or for their spouse, it is healing, and it will make you feel absolutely amazing. 

Prompts and posing that feels natural while showcasing all the most beautiful things about you.

One time someone told me my superpower was making people feel comfortable. And, if I'm honest, I'd have to agree. There's something so special about making people feel as beautiful as they already are. 

I love helping you celebrate the body God gave you and making sure your husband does the same. You don't have to lose any weight or gain any weight, you don't have to do anything different.

Come as you are and be prepared to leave feeling more empowered, more electric, and more excited about who you are than you felt beforehand.

What you can expect while working with me...

The boudoir experience

solo & Married couple boudoir packages

My signature package. A couples' boudoir session either the night of your wedding or shortly after on your honeymoon, memories you'll be so grateful you captured. Being vulnerable together for the sake of capturing the love and passion between you will be something you'd always be thankful you did. I will walk you through posing and prompts to feel empowered and even more deeply in love.

1.5-2 hr long session
Little black book
Teaser film
All quality digital downloads

Couples' Wedding night/honeymoon boudoir

+ tax and travel when applicable

Package 1


A 1.5 hour session receiving all quality digital photos and a 10x10 black keepsake book

Package 2


A 1 hour session receiving all quality digital photos

Package 3


40 minute mini session receiving all quality digital photos

Available upgrades

*Prices do not include taxes and travel fees when applicable

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Teaser Film


a 1-2 minute spicy, cinematic film, delivered online and via mail in a little black book video album 

A professional hair and makeup team scouted by me, approved by you


Hair & Makeup

Studio Rental


In case you need a studio rental instead of booking a hotel, airbnb or using your own space, this fee would cover the cost of a studio rental.

Session can include individual or married couples. I do not include body reshaping editing in my packages. It is my goal that you will fall deeper in love with the body you have after our session. If you request for body reshaping, it will be an added fee. I do include blemish removal and light skin smoothing.
I do not photograph fully nude men.