Crafted from the first message

The secret to a perfect wedding film is this: knowing your couple and where their heart is. No two of our wedding films is alike because our films aren't generic. We believe you deserve an intricately custom film that you will pour over time and again for decades to come.

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Prepwork begins from the first email. We get to know you, your fiance, what really hits you in the feels in each message, call, and questionnaire from there until your wedding day.

On your wedding day, we film intentionally with a mix of specific shots we know you will love to documenting every moment that naturally unfolds. 

We then pour over your footage, filing away every moment you loved and the ones you didn't know you needed. We create playlists that will build your story and note every moment that echoes your wedding day better than you remember.
Then, we make magic.

Ready for us to craft your perfect film?

Kodi & Blaine

Connection, but one that goes deeper than a significant other: a best friend-type connection. These two value relationships and family deeply. Having inidividual moments that speak on their genuine connections with those who matter most to them was key to their storyboard.

Watch a couple of our films, and note why they matter so much to the newlyweds

Blair & Trey

Blair and Trey are the perfect mix of edgy and unique. Their love for all things modern yet romantic pushed their film in a direction that took great care to showcase all the amazing details. Between that and their deep connections to friends and family, their film plays on the perfect combination of romantic and nuance.

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"We have been getting non-stop compliments on how amazing our sneak peek was, we are still in awe. We seriously cannot thank you and your team enough." -Kodi

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