Prepwork begins from the first email. We get to know you, your fiance, what really hits you in the feels in each message, call, and questionnaire from there until your wedding day.

On your wedding day, we film intentionally with a mix of specific shots we know you will love and document every moment that naturally unfolds. 

We then pour over your footage, filing away every moment you loved and the ones you didn't know you needed. We create playlists that will build your story and note every moment that echoes your wedding day better than you remember.
Then, we make magic.

1. The Engagement Film

One of our favorite types of films to make. This is our film equivalent to an engagement session. We get to meet each other (yay!), learn which directions, prompts, etc. work best on you two, and make a film that is the perfect reflection of your relationship.

several examples, each one is the perfect mix of unique, artistic, romantic, and edgy

2. The Teaser Trailer

This is my opportunity to have some creative freedom and make something completely unique and beautiful out of your wedding day. This isn't necessarily a sneak peek to your final film, but something more edgy and fun to give you a bit of contrast against your romantic and authentic wedding film.

Click here to watch more of our films

3. The Final Film(s)

Your film's here! The culmination of all your planning, living your best day, and awaiting to relive it all over again. Now you have the film at your fingertips. Bonus: if you selected a package with more than a highlight reel of your day, you'll receive those films as well! 

what my couples are saying

VICTORIA!!!!! Now that I have FINALLY stopped watching our video on repeat and crying tears of happiness I can finally respond and say THANK YOU!!!! It's absolutely PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!!!
-Mina (Bijan's Wife)

Thank you so much for the video! We honestly were stuck watching it over and over again crying. You captured all the fun, all the love, and special moments of our wedding so perfectly. We cannot thank you enough for the pictures, video, and the friendship.
-Bijan (Mina's Husband)